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Kaizen is a joint initiative of NSS IIT Delhi and Professional Ethics & Social Responsibility (PESR), a platform to recognize the continuous improvements that are happening in our society as a result of the combined efforts of all socially motivated student bodies and NGOs across India and abroad.
Interaction and opinion sharing is the prime focal point of Kaizen. It aims at providing a single platform for exchange of a plethora of ideologies, stories & experiences of people who stood up against the tides and sailed through them, so that any idea or solution implemented at one place can also become success model for others.

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Eminent Personalities KEYNOTE and PANEL-D
24th Feb | IIT Delhi

Ringing out change in the world is a desire of many, but often remains an unfulfilled one, for most of us are scared of facing the struggle .
The Keynote shall be an event describing the struggles associated with bringing about a change !

Jaya Prakash Dabral

President, Himalayan Chipko Foundation

Srijan Pal Singh

Indian author, public speaker and social entrepreneur

Pritika Mehta

Data scientist, social experimenter | TEDx Speaker


Social Convention is the Flagship event of KAIZEN 2018. It provides an innovative platform for organizations working in social sector to present their work to potential investors such as CSR as well as to several students and student bodies (such as NSS) of colleges across India who would love to collaborate with such organizations (NGOs, Social Startups etc.) to make the World a Better Place !

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Enlightening Workshops


Over 150+ students from all over the northern region competiting together in IIT Delhi.
Innovative skill tests with a perfect balance between factual knowledge and aptitude skill test.
With the hype of Annual Social Extravaganza of IIT Delhi, opportunities to gain relevant insights and ideas to implement in our society.
Perfect time to influence young minds towards technological advancements with an exposure to TRYST- IIT Delhi's Annual Technical Fest.

Ideate . Innovate . Implement IDEATHON

The participating teams will be given a problem statement in the field of 'ZERO WASTE INITIATIVE', where they will be proposing a suitable and economically viable model of tackling the issue. The aim of the event is to Innovate and gather different Ideas through your models and then Implement them. As Round 1, a proposal has to be submitted by 19th Feb, 2018 on the basis of which Round 2 selections will be made. The showcase of the model will be before organisations working on those problems specifically, so that people can take inspiration, gain new ideas and implement them.
Total Prizes worth Rs 10,000 are at stake !

I. Zero Waste Initiative : You are required to come up with a model and present it, through which the idea of Zero Waste policy can be adopted by various institutions across India.

II Technological Solution to help Waste-Workers : The waste workers are a vital link to keeping our cities clean including helping in the recycling chain. However, they are deprived of any technology/ innovative improvement to handle waste in a more effective manner. The teams should offer ideas in terms of improvement in collection or handling of waste by a wasteworker

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in collaboration with

  • Prof. Rajesh Prasad (NSS IITD Co-ordinator)

Opinion matters What people say

Madhavi Sharma

Food4Thought Foundation

Thank you so much entire team of Kaizen-IIT Delhi for Society to invite Food4thoughtfoundation in Convention and helped us to share our views on this platform. Looking forward for such more events

Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands


Thanks Kaizen - IIT Delhi for Society for inviting our team in the event !! it was a great opportunity for us to interact with visitors and with other NGOs. Thanks for organizing it successfully and spreading the spirit of volunteering! #SpreadKhushiyan

Karan Shukla

Student, Sri Aurobindo College (eve)

Thank you so much NSS IIT Delhi Team for inviting us to this wonderful event - KAIZEN '17.

Vaibhav Garg

B.Tech & M.Tech, IIT Delhi (Working at Goldman Sachs)

Being a part of Kaizen IIT Delhi provided a platform to many people and NGOS to enlarge their outreach by outrightly inspiring and awesome which might not have been known by many people. It gave me a sense of motivation and inspiration, how many people are thinking to solve complex societal issues.


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